SLUTWALK- Melbourne 28-5-2011

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SLUTWALK – I’ve shot many rallies in the city to be honest there’s a bloody protest every weekend but today was different it was serious. The Canadian Policeman that gave his view of sexual assault by stating. “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. This hit a nerve in the feminine world and there’s a whole lot of sass coming his way. In fact a lot of man and political figures all around the world, are going to feeling the heat. This is not just about sex. This IS about violence again women, and its not ok to hurt someone regardless of race gender or the way we chose to dress. It important that we stand together on this, and as a woman I’m proud to say we did in true slut form. 😛


One thought on “SLUTWALK- Melbourne 28-5-2011

  1. Nice work – and I knew yesterday’s Kimberley rally wasn’t the first one I’d seen you at….
    – melbourneprotests

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